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Overview and performance advantages of fixed ball valves

Dec 22, 2020

Fixed ball valve is a new generation of high-performance ball valve, suitable for long-distance pipelines and general industrial pipelines. Its strength, safety, and resistance to harsh environments have been specially considered in the design, and it is suitable for various corrosive and non-corrosive media . Compared with the floating ball valve, when working, the force produced by the fluid pressure in front of the valve on the ball is all transmitted to the bearing, and the ball will not move to the valve seat, so the valve seat will not bear excessive pressure, so the fixed ball valve The torque is small, the deformation of the valve seat is small, the sealing performance is stable, and the service life is long. It is suitable for high pressure and large diameter occasions. The advanced spring pre-valve seat assembly has self-tightening characteristics to achieve upstream sealing. Each valve has two valve seats, which can be sealed in each direction, so the installation has no flow restriction and is two-way. This valve is generally installed horizontally.

The fixed ball valve has two-piece and three-piece body structures. The middle flange is connected by bolts, and the seal adopts reinforced PTFE embedded in the stainless steel ring. The rear of the steel ring is equipped with a spring to ensure that the valve seat is close to the ball. Keep it sealed. The upper and lower valve stems are equipped with PTFE bearings to reduce friction and save labor. The bottom of the small shaft is equipped with an adjustment plate to ensure the joint position of the ball and the sealing ring. Full bore diameter: The flow aperture of the valve is the same as the inner diameter of the pipeline to facilitate the pipeline cleaning.

Performance advantage

1. Labor-saving operation: the ball is supported by the upper and lower bearings to reduce friction and eliminate the excessive torque caused by the huge sealing load formed by the imported pressure pushing the ball and the sealing seat.

2. Reliable sealing performance: PTFE unisexual material sealing ring is embedded in the stainless steel valve seat, and the end of the metal valve seat is equipped with a spring to ensure sufficient pre-tightening force of the sealing ring. When the sealing surface of the valve is worn during use, it will be under the action of the spring. The valve continues to ensure good sealing performance.

3. Fireproof structure: In order to prevent the PTFE seal ring from being burnt due to sudden heat or fire, large leakage occurs, and the fire is promoted, a fireproof seal ring is set between the ball and the valve seat. When the seal ring is burned, Under the action of the spring force, the valve seat sealing ring is quickly pushed to the sphere to form a metal-to-metal seal, which has a certain degree of sealing effect. The fire resistance test meets the requirements of AP16FA and API607 standards.

4. Automatic pressure relief function: When the pressure of the stagnant medium in the valve cavity rises abnormally and exceeds the pre-stress of the spring, the valve seat will move backward and separate from the sphere to achieve the effect of automatic pressure relief. The valve seat will automatically recover after pressure relief.

5. Drainage pipeline: Drain holes are set up and down the valve body to check whether the valve seat is leaking. During work, when the valve is fully open or fully closed, the pressure in the middle cavity can be removed and the packing can be directly replaced; the middle cavity can be discharged Retentate, reduce the pollution of the medium to the valve.

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