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How to choose the valve connection method?

Apr 20, 2017

There are many kinds of connection method between valve and pipe. Whether choose the suitable connection 

method, which is related to the cost performance of the valve, and will directly affect the probability that 

the pipeline and the pipeline valve will run, drop and leak.

Common pipe connections include: flange connection, butt welding connection, threaded connection, clamp 

connection, wafer connection, etc. 

1.Flange connection

Flange connection is the valve body with a flange at both ends, in accordance with the pipeline flange, and 

use bolts fix flange installed in the pipeline.

The flange connection is the most widely used connection way.

Flange can be divided into different kinds: RF, FF,M,FM etc. The common flange connection valve including API

cast steel gate valve, stainless steel ball valve.

2.Wafer Connection

Pipeline valves are installed between two flanges, and use bolts connect the valve and two pipes.The common 

wafer connection valve including wafer check valve,wafer swing check valve, wafer double plate check valve.

3.welding connection

Butt welding connection: the two ends of the valve is processed into butt groove according to butt welding


Socket welding connection:the two ends of the valve is processed according to socket welding requirement.

4.threaded connection

Threaded connection is a simple kind connection, normally used in small size threaded valve. The valve is 

processed according to the thread standard, NPT and FNPT. In accordance with the threads on the pipe.

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