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The advantage and disadvantages of hard seal and soft seal valve

Apr 14, 2017

The advantage of Soft sealing valve: 

1.The sealing performance is good, can reach level 6.

2.it’s easy to maintain replace the valve seat. The valve torque is small, can save the 

actuator cost.


3.The manufacturing cost is low.

The disadvantage of soft sealing valve:

1.Can not use in high temperature and high pressure environment. 

2.It’s easily ageing and wear, service life is short.

The advantage of hard sealing valve:

The service life is long, but the sealing peformance is worse than soft sealing.



1.High production cost

2.If need replace the valve seat, normally required for overall grinding, the field maintainment 

is not convenient. 

3.The valve torque is large.

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